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The Elliott Community Group is comprised of motivated citizens in Pittsburgh's District 2 neighborhood Elliott who volunteer to work as a bridge between the Pittsburgh City Council and our neighborhood. Everyone is welcome, come join us!

Normally we meet at 7:00pm on the third Monday of each month hosted by WEWNEC at Emanuel United Methodist Church 825 Lorenz Avenue 15220, and hope you will come participate.

Please remember: we are all just volunteers here, and we want you to be a part too!

This website is where we publish information relating to Elliott, our group's activity, and where we hold online discussions. Be a part of it too!

Visitors are encouraged to sign up on this site using the "Join Mailing List" link in the upper left. After you sign up you will be informed by email about meetings, projects, and other new issues. You will also be able to sign in "My Account" in the upper left to gain the ability to add web resource page content, share passing thoughts in your blog, and participate in discussion forums.

Even before signing up, visitors can read published information, and comment, using menus on the left:

  • Read Information - show what things recently added or updated on the site.
    • Projects & History - all our activities, now and back through history.
    • Community Links - links to our community friends and resources.
    • Bulletin Boards - interactive discussion bulletin boards: concerns, suggestions, collaboration.
    • Events - a calendar of upcoming activities related to our neighborhood.
    • Blogs - user's personal thoughts and impressions about neighborhood issues.
    • Photos - click here to see all our photos online!
  • Contribute - Join Mailing List and you can contribute information too!


Elliott Community GroupPO Box 8563, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15220-9998 • 412.360.8453