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Links to information shared at June 6th meeting

Creative Arts Renewal Effort information

The address to the website for the CARE is  The Summer 2011 sessions will be on Tuesdays beginning June 28th through August 16th with a schedule as follows:    

Grades K-2:   9am -12 noon

  *Arts & Crafts    * Music    *Dance   * Games    *Acting/Drama

Grades 3-5:  1pm - 4pm

*Arts & Crafts    * Music    *Dance   * Games    *Acting/Drama

Grades 6 - 8

Contact form and "info" email address have not been working.

I have just discovered that despite using "info" as an email address for outgoing messages from the website, and for the contact form ("Contact Us" on the left), I never set this email address up. Anyone who sent email to "info", or replied to my email, would have mistakenly gotten an undeliverable reply. Worse: the contact form just "never sent the messages" to us - and those messages are last as far as I can tell.

This has been corrected. The "info" email name is now valid for "".

Elliott Community Group Polo shirts

I would like to get feed back on having our group purchase  polo shirts with Cheres' graphics .

I will bring it up at next meeting. Beverly is looking into Grants we can obtain for beautifying

our vacant city main lots, we will discuss at meeting.

Annette will be working on a news letter for Elliott, that we can deliver to neighbors, it can be

discussed at meeting. Could it be possible to meet twice a month ?

Redd up really cleaned up

Today's "Redd Up Elliott - Help clean up our neighborhood" was a surprise from the start.

At 9:40am I arrived to find most of the areas had already been cleaned up!

More website fixes

  • Change "Request password" to "Lost password?".
  • Improve messages on "create account" pages.
  • Improve email sent our for "create account" and "lost password".
  • Enhanced menus to show "help" when you move over them.
  • Fixed login to "show advanced user page info" (previously it just continued to show "non-logged in user help" until you clicked on the "home" icon). Employed drupal "login destination " on top of the "front" module - very painful.

Ready for initial website release

I have completed design and navigation of the website to a point where I believe it is both useful and not likley to have to change significantly.

Substantial challenges faced:

Setting up website

Over the last couple weeks I researched website options, and then set this website up.

Because I have been running websites for many years, using my own resources, setting up a website for the new Elliott Community Group made logical sense. I have substantial experience, and the resources to "publish" sites on the Internet for nominal charges that need not be passed through.

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