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Getting The Word Out

Get The Word Out About Your Community Group

If our neighbors are not informed about our group's existence, we fail to be a true community group. However, over the last couple years it has been common to hear: "I did not know the group existed". At this point we have taken on many projects, and done a lot to help our community. We have a good story, with projects well documented at our website It is time to spread the word to increase community involvement.

Join Us FlyerWill you help?

Can you adopt some streets in Elliott and walk door to door and deliver our flyer?

  • Print the flyer shown to the right, and just put it in mailboxes on some streets, then comment below, send email to, or call or text Cris at 412-818-4288 to let him know what street(s) you have covered.
  • Contact or call or text Cris at 412-818-4288 if you can't print these, and give him your address and he will print flyers and drop them off so you can distribute them.
  • You can also print the flyer at the West End Work Neighborhood Employment Center on Lorenz (spread the word about that too!)

Please help!

Get others to join our mailing list (we only have about 100 neighbors so far),

You can do wonders by talking to neighbors, or any members of the community you see. A little effort by each of can go a long way to spreading the word. Our efforts are something to be proud of, and it is very easy to talk with folks about them: let them know we have a meeting every third Monday of the month, direct them to the website so they can join to get email updates, and tell them about the things we do.

We can't do it all alone.

And do we want to: it is about "community".

So, we need your help to get the word out!


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That will be valuable to everyone who uses it, including myself. Many thanks!

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