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Wireless access for the West End Overlook

With the assistance of Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith and Pittsburgh Citiparks, and the generous donation of service by Comcast, the Elliott Community Group was able to activate free wireless access at the West End - Elliott Overlook.

The Overlook may be reached by parking on the west side at 920 Rue Grande Vue St, or via the back side parking lot at 601 Fairview Ave. The WiFi point is in the center of the building, on the side facing the view of the city. You might be able to access it from back side parking lot at 601 Fairview Ave, but service will be better if you walk around to the city side.

Access is available via the network names:

  • "overlook" (unencrypted and open without any password)
  • "overlook is passkey" (secure encrypted connection, password "overlook").

While it is recommended that users connect more securely using "overlook is passkey" (with the password "overlook"), in both cases users are "AP" isolated from each other which adds a modicum of security.

Users of the open connection are presented with a screen you can see by clicking here.





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