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Illegal Dump Sites

The Elliott Community Group works with the City of Pittsibrugh and Allegheny Cleanways to cleanup and combat illegal dumping in our Neighborhood.

Please add a comment below pointing us to any illegal dumping by citing the closest street address with any description you can provide. You may also contact "" with this information, or to follow up on any report.

Stataus (thanks to the city's anti-litter coordinator Missy Rosenfeld and Dept Public Works zone 5):

Location Reported Cleaned Comment
706 Lorenz Fall 2014 Fall 2014 Back of lot 20-R-52, Cleaned by D-5
535-641 Harker St Jan 2015 Jan 2015 3 Sites, Cleaned by D-5
33X Neidel St Jan 2015 Jan 2015 Across from 338, back side of lot 19-C-278, Cleaned by D-5
Janewood Way Jan 2015   Need more detail - seemed clear, need address
Pluto Street Jan 2015   Need more detail - identify street better
Attica Jan 2015   Need more detail - over the guardrail seen.  Is this in several locations on Attica?
South Main Jan 2015 Jan 2015 Cleaned by D-5
Lakewood Jan 2015   Need more detail
Back side Valonia Feb 2015   Joe Obervich reported "maybe" - need more info (not reported at all)



Stack of tires and pile of milled wood.

Three piles, one of tires, one of wood pallets and a dresser, one of random milled wood.

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