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Overlook "Light Up Night" - Nov 21st, 2014

The Elliott Community Group 4th annual Winter Wonderland at the Overlook was Nov 21st from 7pm-10pm.

What's happened?

  • PMT performance 7-7:20pm
  • Santa escorted in by Zone 6 police about 7:33
  • Photos and visit with Santa
  • Raffle
  • Food and hot cocoa for sale
  • DJ music by our volunteer neighbor Rick Kevish
  • BNY Mellon Fireworks at 9:38pm
  • Where: At the Overlook Lot, 601 Fairview Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220

This event followed three previous Winter Wonderlands, and you might enjoy reading information from those previous years by following the link.

Click to see our photo album from 2014 - photos, photos, photos!

Special thanks to Pittsburgh Muscial Theater, Santa's Contact Dan Skcocz, Santa's Escort Zone 6 Police, Crafty Councilwoman Kail-Smith, Sound Man Rick Kevish, and Musicman/Manager John McNulty and all his neighborhood helpers.


Raffle information:

Concern was raised at community meetings prior to July 4th and on Sept 15, 2014 about the legality of a community group raffle. Research shows that this raffle is small enough, with any profit going to non-profit community enhancing activities, that we are not required to obtain a permit.

Relevant resources:

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