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Elliott Community Group Merchandise

The Elliott Community Group has made some simple business cards to refer folks to this website, some TShirts, and a 2' x 4' banner. These were originally ordered for the 2011 marathon that passed through the west end May 15th. The original printing handled by Cris in early March 2011 was done by SpeedeeShirts in Clairton who has ECG artwork and could make whatever you might want. If you prefer another vendor you may also use the art online here as ECG artwork.

Contact Gena: TShirts cost $18 each, and two dozen were originally ordered - hand screen printed 4 colors on good quality 100% Cotton Natural 6.1 oz. Gildan 2000 "Natural" color TShirts. She also has one banner for use at any events, and 500 business cards to hand out.



  • My preference was to try and keep the business local-ish if possible. Found SpeedeeShirts in Clairton.
    • 5/14/2011 - Cris drove to Clariton to pick up the stuff - all exactly as arranged. Chris at SpeedeeShirts did a great job.
    • 5/11/2011 - Order confirmed as "on target" for Friday completion.
    • 5/5/2011 - Order placed by Cris. Shirts more expensive than hoped, but quality will likely be much better since they will be hand screen print instead of digital print. And, I was able to support a local vendor. 24 shirts (8L, 8XL, 8XXL), 500 business cards, and a banner.
    • 5/3/2011 - Cris contacted "" for T-shirts, a 2x4 foot vinyl banner, and more business cards. I listed a due date of May 13, to have them in time for the Marathon. Email sent 12am, called 4pm and they had not gotten email. Worked on phone to get email to the fellow, and await quote - tonight or early tomorrow.
  • Other alternatives we might have tried:,,


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